Hey Teacher, Lose Control!

Hey Teacher, Lose Control!

This post is inspired from 2 landmark songs : ‘Another brick in the wall’ (Pink Floyd fame), and Lose Control (Rang de Basanti fame). Both songs signifying the emotions of young generations, space apart two generations.

When the angst and the anxiety of the young generation is further mixed with the boom in technology and social media, it sir becomes a great cocktail, and a headache for many teachers.

Technology and Social Media have had two simultaneous effects:-
a. Seized the initiative from the teacher by taking away the monopoly of information from the text book and teacher’s memory – this has resulted into a knowledge boom and selective intake by each student as per his/her proclivity and natural inclination.

b. Students fitting in education into their social life and vice versa – this has led teachers looking for ideas to keep students interested.

Where does this leave very teachers and what is the approach they need to develop?

Vinspire suggests a 5 point approach:
1. Nudge, don’t push.
2. Coerce, don’t control.
3. Engage, don’t force.
4. Discuss, don’t dictate.
5. Inspire, don’t just teach.