Create Dumping Yard

At some point in time during our life,we all encounter difficult problems , people causing situations which may turn our course of life upside down. These problems are not the sort of thing that can be easily solved by reading a positive quote,speaking tree in the daily newspaper but rather be solved by us.
The problems can be a wicked boss, working environment, difficult teenagers, over stressed partner, latecoming maid!!!! the list is endless.
On facing these varied types of problems, we often tend to analyse them on regular basis in our mind until we are completely exhausted and left with no scope of arriving at a conclusion but at the same time the page is so full that there is no scope of writing the solution.
Despite our exhaustion both physical and mental,it becomes difficult to find sleep and wake up feeling just as tired as we were the day before.I too was going through this phase for a good amount of time and then one day I asked myself a question—” Do I have time to worry about these things”.
I realised it one day, OMG ! if I have to live for another 20 years, I am running short of time to do all that I wish to! So I started preparing my wish list- the list was never ending, starting from aspirations for my daughter, doing something challenging professionally, having a good house for family, taking care of my mother, food for my body and soul , aspiring to open a small school, finally ending with running a small coffee cafe!!!!!.
But till the time i did not shun away things that were distracting me and depressing me, I could not find anything else. So found a dumping yard for them.
Thats what all should do, dump the waste and let the fresh grow after all has been recycled.
Today, if you are dealing with a difficult real world problem, I’d like to encourage you to create your own DUMPING YARD. Always make room and give your mind and body a break from constant pressure. Try to find that ONE something that brings happiness and something which brings you closer to yourself.Precondition- No guilt, if that activity brings happiness and peace to you.

When you will get over with that one activity, you shall be able to think and do many things that you have been dreaming of for so long.