Failure is not a taboo… it is a step to success!

Its amazing that we fear failures! but without a failure we taste no success. some slide  away after a failure, some may get up and start the race and a few may get up to take the lead.This is possible only when we don’t fear failure and see the beauty of life and acknowledge the support system around us.

Did the creators of Google! Facebook! Hotmail! Amazon and many more did not face failures or they were destined to meet success without tasting failures. Did the successful people in history did not face failures! they did but they bounced back.

Whether in personal  life or professional life, it is important to face the failures. otherwise you will not relish the success! Behind every Success there is row of Failures! without them we are incomplete. Something may work, something may not.There are some failures which happen  secretly and some which are accidental.Whatever maybe the nature, most importantly it is the failure that leads to success!

Surprisingly sometimes we acknowledge the failure and work our way upwards and most of the times we self pity and bring more sadness and failures.

Failure is not a taboo… it is a step to success!!!!!